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Our lessons are a bit different than your run of the mill archery shop. We teach instinctive archery which is shooting without sights and more by feel. It is the simplest, most effective style of shooting in our opinion, and the skills that you will learn in our 1 hour lesson will be far above what you will learn anywhere else and give you a huge head start if you continue with archery.

Our archery lessons are intended for beginners only. You will be using non-lethal arrows which still have similar flight abilities to sharp point arrows. All participants must sign and submit our waiver below.

Group Archery Lesson Schedule - $30 per person
*10 people max per class. 60 minute class.
*Call or email for group rates (min 8 people).

Semi-Private Lessons - $45 per person/hour
Range Access (30 min) - $15 per person
Archery Pass Monthly/Autopay - $50/$40

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