Arrow Tag 

Arrow Tag is the hottest activity around! We combine dodgeball with archery in a game where you get to shoot your friends with a bow and arrow! It is safe and a ton of fun! We have different game days and nights to fit everyone's desires.

*Every player must sign a Release of Liability Waiver before they play. All waivers must be signed online. *Players under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.


The game plays similar to dodgeball, but with bows & arrows. Shoot players of the opposing team until all of the opposing team is eliminated. The game ends when one team is completely eliminated.


➹2 Teams
➹Each team starts on one side of the centerline and has bunker obstacles for cover
➹Every player has a bow
➹All arrows begin in the center (just like dodgeball)
➹The game starts when the whistle is blown. Players run to the center to retrieve arrows and can begin shooting
➹If you are hit by an arrow anywhere on the body below the neck (headshots do not count).
➹If an arrow is caught by an opposing team member, the shooter is out and a teammate on the catchers team may reenter the game

A player can re-enter the game if:
➹their team member catches an arrow
➹their team member shoots down a revive target in the center of the court