Arrow Tag 

Arrow Tag is the hottest activity around! We combine dodgeball with archery in a game where you get to shoot your friends with a bow and arrow! It is safe and a ton of fun! We have different game days and nights to fit everyone's desires.

*Every player must sign a Release of Liability Waiver before they play. All waivers must be signed online. *Players under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Arrow Tag OC is Moving


We have some unfortunate news. We will be moving to a temporary location starting October 7. This isn't a planned move, but it is out of our hands. If you have a party scheduled before October 7, nothing will change. We will be temporarily operating out of Outbreak Soccer Center in Huntington Beach until we find our new home. Thank you for all of your support and understanding. We will continue to offer the top quality events and services for our customers in our temp home. Feel confident in booking with us, and that we will be delivering the best experiences as always.


Temp Home:

Outbreak Soccer Center
5555 W McFadden Ave
Huntington Beach, CA 92649


The game plays similar to dodgeball, but with bows & arrows. Shoot players of the opposing team until all of the opposing team is eliminated. The game ends when one team is completely eliminated.


➹2 Teams
➹Each team starts on one side of the centerline and has bunker obstacles for cover
➹Every player has a bow
➹All arrows begin in the center (just like dodgeball)
➹The game starts when the whistle is blown. Players run to the center to retrieve arrows and can begin shooting
➹If you are hit by an arrow anywhere on the body below the neck (headshots do not count).
➹If an arrow is caught by an opposing team member, the shooter is out and a teammate on the catchers team may reenter the game

A player can re-enter the game if:
➹their team member catches an arrow
➹their team member shoots down a revive target in the center of the court

For birthday parties & event, start here.

Private Event Pricing

1 hour $275

Up to 14 people at a time, per game

Multi-hour more than 1 hr $260

Up to 14 people at a time, per game.

Large Group Pricing $350

Up to 30 people at a time, per game. This is typically best for groups larger than 20 people.

Large Group Multi-hour Pricing more than 1 hr $325

Per Hour. Up to 30 people at a time, per game. This is best for large groups that want maximum play time or large teams.

Pre-party Training per 20 people $20

Pre-party training is dedicated training and practice that doesn't interfere with your booking play time.

Party Room

1 hour $50
30 Minutes $25

When you can't come to Arrow Tag OC or you just want to do your own thing, let us come to you! With our offsite parties, we bring the battle to you. We will tailor our setup to accommodate your needs, as long as you have space large enough for us to set up. We can do events in parking lots, parks, gyms, banquet rooms, and basically anywhere that can't get destroyed by our arrows.


  • Bows and arrows for up to 16 at a time
  • Field setup 
  • 1-2 staff members to instruct and run games
  • Masks

*Base setup can accommodate groups of about 40 people with rotations. Call or email us if you want a custom quote for larger parties.

Offsite Rental (outside of OC) min. 2 hrs $400

Price is per hour. Travel fee not included in price.

Offsite Rental (OC Special!) 75 minutes $525

Game setup supports 16 people per game. Includes: Pre-party training (15 minutes), 75 minutes of play, all equipment. Travel fee not included in price.

We are excited to offer our Giant Darts as a new attraction for your party and events! Giant darts is a 10 foot inflatable dart board that you get to shoot arrows at in a fun game of darts! The arrows stick on with velcro making it safe and simple for your guests. Bring archery to your next party!

*Giant soccer darts also available

Ages 7+ (Especially adults!)

Giant Darts per hour $100

Includes: Giant Dart Board | 2 Adult Bows | 2 Kids Bows | 6 Arrows | 1 Staff Member to instruct and help

Extra Bows & Arrows per set $20

Includes: 2 Additional Adult Bows | 2 Additional Kids Bows | 6 Additional Arrows

Giant Soccer Darts per hour $100

-Includes: Giant Dart Board | 3 Velcro soccer balls | 1 Staff Member | *This option is available for overnight rental with no staff. Contact us.

Combo Giant Archery/Soccer Darts per hour $140

Includes: Giant Dart Board | 3 Soccer Balls | 2 Adult Bows | 2 Kids Bows | 6 Arrows | 1 Staff Member