Giant Darts

Giant Darts per hour $100

Includes: Giant Dart Board | 2 Adult Bows | 2 Kids Bows | 6 Arrows | 1 Staff Member to instruct and help

Giant Soccer Darts per hour $100

-Includes: Giant Dart Board | 3 Velcro soccer balls | 1 Staff Member | *This option is available for overnight rental with no staff. Contact us.

Combo Giant Archery/Soccer Darts per hour $140

Includes: Giant Dart Board | 3 Soccer Balls | 2 Adult Bows | 2 Kids Bows | 6 Arrows | 1 Staff Member

Extra Bows & Arrows per set $20

Includes: 2 Additional Adult Bows | 2 Additional Kids Bows | 6 Additional Arrows

Now Available for Rent!

Our newest outdoor party attraction is Giant Darts. Giant Darts is a 10 foot tall velcro dart board that you shoot special velcro arrows at. This is sure to add excitement and fun to any party or event. You can play any regular dart game with our giant dart board, but with the fun of shooting arrows. The best part about Giant Darts is, we come to you!

We also offer Giant Soccer Darts if soccer is your game.

Ages 6+ (especially adults)

Parks & Public

We can come to private residences and private property no problem, but there are a few things to consider when booking at a park.

We are more than happy to come to a party or event at a public park. Many parks require a permit or permission to set up large inflatables. You are responsible for obtaining permission to blow up our giant dart board and conduct the activity at the park.

It should be noted that you can explain to the authority that the inflatable is not a bounce house, and that every part of the game is safe for public use. We deal with parks and they are usually alright with non bounce house inflatables, but every park and city is different.

Overnight Rental for Giant Soccer Darts

Although Giant Dart rental requires a staff member, Giant Soccer Darts do not. We do offer drop off and pick up as well as next day pick up. Contact us for rates.

*There is a damage/loss deposit for drop off and pick up. Credit card must be on file.