Due to the volume of customers for Walk Up Saturdays, we may stop taking new arrivals at 3pm.

Arrow Tag is available for rent or single player walk ups. Come out and play with your friends or rent Arrow Tag for your next event.

Arrow Tag Setup
  • 2 Teams of 6 players or less (3 minimum)
  • Games last 2-5 minutes on average
  • Each team is situated on one side of the centerline and has bunker obstacles for cover
  • Every player has 1 bow
  • All arrows begin in the center (just like dodgeball)
  • Shoot players of the opposing team until all of the opposing team is eliminated.
  • The game starts when the whistle is blown. Players run to the center to retrieve arrows and can begin shooting.
  • The game ends when one team is completely eliminated.
  • Every player eliminated from the game counts as one point for the opposing team.
  • A player can re-enter the game if one of their targets is knocked down or an arrow is caught.
  • In the case of a tie, a tie breaker competition will be held.

Every player must sign a Release of Liability Waiver before they play. All waivers must be signed online. *Players under the age of 18 must have a waiver signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Adult/minor Waiver

Arrow Tag Rules

A player is out if:

  • they are hit by an arrow anywhere on the body below the neck (headshots do not count).
  • they shoot an arrow and it is caught by an opposing team member
  • they attempt an arrow catch and drop the arrow

A player can re-enter the game if:

  • their team member catches an arrow
  • their team member shoots out a target
Language and Sportsmanship Penalty

Games may be played in public around other people, so we ask that cursing be kept to a minimum if there are other people around. The games can be very competitive and sometimes behavior can get a little out of control. Just keep your cool or vent quietly. Warnings will be given, for foul language around the general public and a player will be disqualified if it continues. Respect the refs and other players and don't get out of control or you will be disqualified

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